simple bio…

Given name: Kerry O’Day

Current Residence: Santa Clara, California, USA (and proud of it)

Age Range: 35-49

Occupation:  I have many of them–too many to list

Religion: I respect most all religions, thank you.

Heritage: California brat

Education: BA, History California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, California 1997

Languages: English, but can read Spanish/French without needing a translation tool

First computer: Commodore 64, 1983, but my own machine was an Epson Equity Ie (which I still have) circa 1989.

5 distinctive traits I’m actually willing to put on the Internet:

I have an affinity for:

  • Herb Caen ellipses and conventional phrasing (no emoticons here)
  • almost any type of library (be it special, public, or academic)
  • ocean/beach/pier (having lived 1/2 of my life within 2 miles of the Pacific)
  • yarn.  Lots of yarn..
  • knowledge and the quest for knowledge

FAQs for another time…


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