weird weird day…

July 5, 2010 at 16:59 (Uncategorized)

back home in Santa Clara County—good

not good–smoke from someone deciding that torching a main building of a K-5 was a valuable exercise.  This is one of my favorite areas of San Jose along with being near the RoseGarden Library branch.

downright weird–one of the requisites to my treatment is getting blood drawn.  Since I traditionally only use a small part of this hospital complex (which is closed due to the holiday), I got lost.  One of the lovely volunteers decided to escort me (bless her heart–one thing I can say about this complex–they are UBER helpful).  Once I got there, I had to rifle through my notebook to find the paperwork (that took a good 10 minutes–grrr).

After I gave them all of my administrivia, I was led in to a familiar chair and there were two lab techs talking to each other.

“Dude, I don’t know where she went, I think I made her cry” came out of the one who was going to be poking me with a lancet…please note that he looked like someone you’d find in “Swingers”…


I answer

nice name.  Birthdate?

I answer that too

Then “is there something I should worry about since you make people cry?”

“no, you have a nice vein”

My standard answer is usually “yeah, no one has missed yet—thanks, Mom!” but I decided that I’m not giving this character ANY ammo.

The lancet goes in and this dude is SMOOTH.  We’re talking 25 year old scotch SMOOTH.

“I didn’t even feel that—excellent work”

5 minutes later (including the 2 minutes I spend in the chair applying pressure to my right arm), I’m outta there and ready to tackle the maze again….He’s still talking about that vanishing patient….

Rather than going the way I came in, I decided to go back through the “Old Main Building”.  The elevator looks like it was built in the 40s, but was quite functional.  I then walked through a maze of administrative buildings to the “Women’s Hospital”.  I learned a lot on my air conditioned journey—1)  It is against California law to walk into a neonatal unit unless you have business there and 2) husbands/partners do not count as visitors.  3) FOLLOW the SIGNS in any hospital and 4) At least it wasn’t UCSF.  I might have had to take 4 Muni buses to get where I needed to go.

I did end up walking a bit further, but it was such a lovely day (and the quiet was nice versus the usual hustle/bustle that goes on there.  I get to go back there tomorrow, but from now on, I’m going to try to schedule everything in the one little confined area.


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