Why a blog on WP? Why now?

April 10, 2010 at 17:47 (Uncategorized)


There are several topics that I didn’t want to LiveJournal about at this time.  So, I’ve decided to try this out and see what happens.  I also need to update my old Surfari page.

One is local and wouldn’t be of much interest to my LJ friends.

Santa Clara’s Measure J.

Three Santa Clara students, one strategically wearing a Santa Clara sweatshirt, came to my door today asking me how I felt about the measure.

I kindly asked them to go away and added a comment about their signage.  One student had the temerity to ask if I was going to vote yes or no?  I didn’t give him the pleasure of an answer since he obviously didn’t understand “if you put a Yes on J sign on my lawn it shall be burned”.

This is not the first visit by the whitewashed 49er effort to get votes.  There are now four such signs on my Santa Clara street, and I have counted 20 in my neighborhood.  I am not sure how much my neighbors were paid or what type of Kool-Aid they drank.   If the Yes on J people keep sending me garbage AND/OR bringing people knocking on my door, I am going to vote “no” despite any potential changes and start being more vociferous about my reasons for doing so.

1)      I’m NOT an anti-football geekette.  I enjoy watching football, baseball, basketball, AND hockey.  My closet is proof enough.

2)      I WAS for the measure when there was only 112 million outlay by the City of Santa Clara.  That figure seems to keep increasing and that alarms me—along with point #4

3)      No permanent jobs are going to be generated by this project that will enhance the Mission City–they’d be better off mowing down a couple of old circa 1965 shopping centers and sticking a Walmart on the premises.

4)      No one has addressed the issue of 101 north access (that I’ve seen).  Getting off the freeway at Great America Parkway is fun during non-rush hours ANYWAY due to the traffic coming on at San Tomas/Montague Expressway.  Closing it on game days is not necessarily an option.

5)     I enjoy the many benefits of living in a safe city where the city employees treat people with respect, courtesy and promptness.  I enjoy the municipal utility that is threatened by this measure.  Why not stick to what has worked and continues TO work?

6)     I have one phrase for the City of Santa Clara to look at “the mausoleum that Al built”.  I remember when Oakland/Alameda County Coliseum was a great place to see a ballgame.  Now, it’s a mess.  Santa Clarans do not need this type of albatross.

Please look past the light blue and gold signs that are multiplying faster than the national deficit.  Leave the 49ers at Candlestick Point for a few more years—and let’s find better ways for Santa Clara to shine.



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